Product Watch: Quadrus by Milliken

Quadrus, a new modular entrance matting solution, is the latest addition to the Milliken range of floor covering products.

The new entrance tile system creates a stunning first impression while also forming a barrier between the elements and therefore protecting the carpet installation. The expansion of Milliken’s product range which in addition to carpet tiles, now includes luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) and entrance matting products, enables specifiers and buyers to fulfil all their flooring needs in one place.

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Every element of Milliken’s offer has been developed to integrate with and complement the other and each is driven by the same pursuance of the highest design credentials married with superior performance.

About the Product…

Designed to provide a more advanced combination of performance and aesthetics, the ECONYL® dual-fibre polyamide yarn and open textile construction will stop dirt and moisture at the door, while allowing easy removal during maintenance. Designed with both commercial and public buildings in mind to help property owners and facility managers face the daily challenge of trying to keep their facilities clean and safe, as well as optimising their maintenance budget.

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Quadrus is offered in two contemporary designs, Comet and Star, available in 8 colorations, providing 16 colour choices, to create the perfect balance of design and function. The designs have been created to provide easy coordination with Milliken’s modular carpet collections. Quadrus barrier matting lengthens the lifetime and appearance retention of the carpet by trapping dirt at the door, before it enters the building. This then saves on maintenance, premiums and liabilities, cleaning frequency, premature carpet replacement and premature wear and tear of the flooring surface.

Quadrus modular tiles are offered with Comfort Plus® as standard, an environmentally friendly cushion backing that delivers superior underfoot comfort, sound absorption, and durability. Comfort Plus® is manufactured with 90% recycled content open cell polyurethane material. The dual fibre ECONYL® polyamide yarn is extremely durable and the high quality impervious backing will block soil and moisture in the textile layer for easy removal. Quadrus is covered by a 5-year wear guarantee.

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Quadrus and OBEX®…

Quadrus forms part of Milliken’s OBEX® barrier matting system. Obex offers a highly effective comprehensive modular entrance solution. It has been designed as a three zone barrier system to prevent dirt and moisture from entering a building: zone 1 outdoors, the area just before the building access requires a product with scraping action to remove; zone 2 indoors, the primary area just inside the building where a product with dual action scraping and moisture; zone 3 indoors, the secondary area inside the building after zone 2, providing a textile product for moisture retention.



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