Product Watch: Stardust by JAB

Colour explosions with the Stardust Collection

Stardust is the dynamic collection of vivid and colourful viscose rugs. The playful use of colour and design makes for a truly unique and contemporary collection of eye-catching centre pieces.

The hero piece and namesake of the collection, Stardust, is inspired by the Indian Holi Festival of Colour and depicts an explosion of expressive colour. Rainbow showcases a flow of colour gradients for a more harmonious look. Geometric patterns come alive with Twist, a lively interpretation of a chequerboard pattern, Matrix is reminiscent of an urban jungle overview and Decadent, by Berlin designer Casten Gollnick reveals a zig zag pattern when viewed from certain angles. More minimalist looks are expressed with Trace’s lattice structures, Reflection’s moving water mirage, City Light’s blurred light depiction and Screen’s pixilated forms.

Stardust 2

Stardust 1

Stardust 3

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