Roman – Embrace Flipper Panel

A Wetroom With A Twist

Roman, International market leading shower designer and manufacturer, has launched the optimum moving Wetroom product, to present a sleek and stylish design; with increased water integrity; suitable for everyone in the family.

Embrace Pivoting L Panel Overhead

For a more enclosed wetroom experience, Roman’s Embrace Wetroom Panel with Flipper Panel is the perfect solution. It presents a stylish wetroom but with the added reassurance of increased water integrity. The Flipper Panel is added to the end of the 2000mm high Wetroom Panel and they are available in 200mm and 400mm sizes to make sure they fit perfectly into your specification. The Flipper Panel rotates through 180 degrees, so when showering it can be in line with the Wetroom Panel to increase water integrity by guiding the water back into the showering area, avoiding water splashing out into the bathroom. The Panel can also be folded inwards to present wide and easy access into the showering area, which provides effortless entry for all with its door-less nature. The Flipper Panel moves with a smooth pivoting motion when moved to its desired position.

Embrace Pivoting 'L' Panel

The changing UK demographics, which are seeing a rapidly growing population, will continue to drive the trend towards making the home and bathroom more inclusive and easier to use for all. Due to this wetrooms are continuously growing in popularity, however true Wetrooms are still very niche. This is due to the lack of experience and therefore confidence with the trade and perceived installation costs and also the fear that wetrooms may leak. Many installers and retailers instead combine a Wetroom Panel with a Low Level Tray, which is where Roman’s Flipper Panel is the ideal option.

The Wetroom Panel with Flipper Panel can be installed on to a low level Shower Tray for added reassurance or it can be installed straight down to floor. If you choose to install it on to a low level Shower Tray it will simulate a wetroom look, it removes the traditional step up into the showering area and offers that all inclusive level access entry of a wetroom.

The Flipper Panel can be used with all Roman Embrace Corner Panels and Linear Panels, which are presented in an array of different sizes to suit most bathroom spaces. The Wetroom Panel sizes vary from 600mm to 1400mm and all stand at 2000mm high with 8mm thick toughened glass.

David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: “Our Embrace Flipper Panel is ideal if you want to create the stylish wetroom look and feel but also want the reassurance of a Shower Tray and a more enclosed shower experience. Here at Roman we want to provide something for all tastes and requirements. The Flipper Panel ticks all the right boxes, for an on trend ‘simulated wetroom look’; total inclusivity; added water integrity to avoid splashes into the bathroom; easy installation; and all at an affordable price.”


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    Wow, it’s best that I don’t get one of these best shower panels. I’ll be in a shower for a whole day…

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