Roman Screen takes a bow

A more comfortable and spacious showering experience.

Roman, International market leading shower designer and manufacturer, has launched a brand new configuration for their Mini Fixed Bath Screen.

Lumin8 Mini Fixed Bath Screen
Roman have added an ingenious curved curtain rail for their 8mm thick glass Mini Fixed Bath Screen that cleverly bows out to move the shower curtain away from the showering area to give a more comfortable and spacious showering experience. By designing the curtain rail with a slight curve it encourages the shower curtain to bow out to provide you with more space when showering and to keep the curtain away from you.

V8CC13S no curtain
Roman’s Mini Fixed Bath Screen is perfect to use when showering over the bath to provide greater water integrity when using a shower curtain. The mini screen provides protection at the showering end of your shower curtain, where the water is most likely to leak. The mini screen directs the water back into the showering area, which improves this traditionally weak spot. The most common problem associated with shower curtains is leakage of water, particularly along the tap end of the bath. The Mini Fixed Bath Screen solves this by providing a 1500mm high fixed screen for shielding the corner, plus a combination system for screens and rails to give a more water resistant solution.

Roman presents two different rail combinations to suit your space and requirements, so whether your bath is in a corner or in an alcove, we have something to suit. If you have an existing curtain rail in place, we also have a version available without an integrated curtain rail. The bath screen features silver framing and clear glass to seamlessly blend with your current bathroom décor.

Option one that Roman offers presents a Mini Fixed Bath Screen to complement an existing curtain rail installation and to reduce splashing around the back of the curtain and water seepage along the top end of the bath.

Option two is the Mini Fixed Bath Screen complete with curtain rail and attachment to ensure a watertight shield to retain the water in the bath. The curtain is held in place at the top and is less likely to allow water leakage out of the bath area.

The height of the Mini Fixed Bath Screen is 1500mm with 8mm thick glass and it is completed with a bright silver frame. It is also reversible for left or right hand fixing and is suitable for all standard non-pumped bath mixer and electric showers.

David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: “With 65% of people still showering over the bath we want to provide both stylish and practical over the bath solutions. Our new curved rail addition to our Mini Fixed Bath Screen means you can now have a more comfortable showering experience when using a shower curtain with the added benefit of increased water integrity to the most common problem area.”

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