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Newmor Wallcoverings Collaborate with 2LG

Texture, colour and pattern, it’s what Newmor do best and at Newmor the options are endless. Newmor specialise in commercial quality, wide-width fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings. With the intention of bridging the gap between artists, makers and commercial interiors, the company launched Newmor Designer in 2016. The collection already boasts an eclectic mix of painters, fashion… Read More >

25 March 2020

Jim Biddulph & 2LG in conversation

Were you to ask Russell Whitehead and Jordan Cluroe where they might be in 15 years time back in the mid-00’s you would likely have been met with an answer that positioned them somewhere in the world of the performing arts. They may not have anticipated it back then, but the South London creative duo… Read More >

25 June 2019