The Modern Garden Company @ Sleep 2014

UK Launch for 2014

The Modern Garden Company offers a selection of beautiful and contemporary exterior furniture for Hotels and Spas worldwide, creating luxurious, timeless and perfectly finished spaces.

smile collection

As part of Sleep 2014, The Modern Garden Company are excited to showcase Paola Lenti’s Smile collection.  With a relaxing sofa, armchair and ottoman pouf with a lid for storage, Smile is crafted using sophisticated and inventive techniques to create a piece of furniture which is both highly durable and exceptionally comfortable.

Paola Lenti’s cutting edge, innovative use of Aero fabric creates an inviting aesthetic with soft curves. Fabric is stretched over Smile’s structure seamlessly, creating the feeling of a soft, tactile knit. Neatly tucked away inside are multiple layers of three-dimensional, stress resistant foam padding along with a layer of water repellent polyester to ensure a product which is truly built to withstand the elements, without sacrificing style or comfort.


Inspired by childhood memories, Paddo conjures feelings of fairy tales and fantasy – perfect for those who want substance as well as a story.

The smallest of 3 available sizes comes with a handy tilt feature, allowing for complete flexibility and movement. Paddo is available in a range of high-quality Sunbrella fabric colours and comes with a sturdy, wind resistant base to make sure it stays firmly on the ground.


Agadir lanterns are lovingly hand crafted, woven in weather resistant Rope corda to create a hardwearing yet exquisite outdoor lantern. These small but perfectly formed lights exude warmth and ambience, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxing, entertaining and everything in between.

Agadir is available in 7 sizes and over 200 colours, which can be mixed and matched or left as solid tones, allowing for unique, personalised lighting.  Agadir also comes with a rechargeable battery for complete flexibility.



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