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Tina Davies Childs Limited, a company with over 20 years of care experience, has expanded their interior design packages and are now designing to help people who suffer with Dementia. By doing this it is allowing people to maintain their independence for as long a possible.

Dementia affects over 830,000 people in the UK and for many this means adjusting to an increasingly confusing and disorientating world. By using research from Stirling University Tina Davies Childs Limited can design in ways to help Dementia sufferers feel more confident with their surroundings.

Dementia 1

Having a higher lux level in a room will lessen the risk of tripping over objects and makes it easier to find specific items as well as designing with simple patterns to avoid provoking strong responses e.g. bold stripes could be seen as bars on windows. Colours can signify responses e.g. using warm colours can reflect better on the skin giving a healthier glow.

Dementia 4

Dementia 3

Dementia 2



Furniture features a contrast of colour to help see where the chair starts and ends as well as contrasting to the floor; avoiding patterns and sparkles as these could cause confusion and could look like something to pick up. Designing flooring with a tonal contrast throughout a home will provide a dementia friendly passage.

Simple signage, less clutter and familiar looking objects such as crosshead bathroom taps are more design techniques that can make the lives of Dementia sufferers easier.

Tina Davies Childs provides leaflets on how to design for Dementia sufferers which can be downloaded from their websites: www.tinadavieschilds.co.uk


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