Tuck Top™ Valance Sheet Set to Revolutionise UK Housekeeping

The Fine Cotton Company has showcased a ‘UK-first’ at this year’s Independent Hotel Show with a product that is set to revolutionise UK housekeeping by delivering huge time and resource savings and limits injury when changing beds.

After a hugely successful launch in the US, the Tuck Top™ Valance sheet, that’s been patented by luxury bed and bath linen specialist The Fine Cotton Company, is now available to UK hoteliers.

007 The Fine Cotton Company Vermont Linens (630x800)

Designed to simplify the bed-making process and do-away with the need for housekeepers to lift heavy mattresses, this pioneering product means the bed can easily be made by just one person – which translates to a significant reduction in the time and resource needed to turn a room around.

Where previously the valance sheet would be positioned entirely underneath the mattress, The Fine Cotton Company’s unique Tuck Top™ Valance features a bed-skirt attached to a fabric panel that simply tucks in between the mattress and bed base.  The weight of the mattress holds the valance in place.  To the naked eye, the product has the appearance of the normal valance, yet the monetary and health benefits of this unique ‘first-to-market’ product are substantial.


The Fine Cotton Company founder Jane Robson said:

The response so far in the UK has been fantastic – we’ve been the talk of the show! But having been such a success in the US, we were confident that this would be case. In our tests, the Tuck Top™ Valance took less than one minute to fit and 15 seconds to remove. Changing a regular valance can take two people up to twenty minutes, as the mattress has to be lifted to enable fitting and removal.

There’s a really compelling time and resource saving that will easily transfer into an economic benefit, especially for the larger hotels; and because the Tuck Top™ Valance can be changed without moving the mattress, there’s also less chance of back strain and pressure on the vertebrae from heavy lifting.”


Jane continued:

The benefits don’t stop there.  Washable at 60 degrees (the temperature that kills bacteria and dust mites), the Tuck Top™ Valance can be installed and removed for cleaning with ease.  Increasing the frequency of changeover obviously improves the cleanliness of a hotel room and keeps dust, dust mites, bacteria and micro-organisms to a minimum.”

Tuck TopValance is available from stock in 200 thread count organic cotton percale in sizes: Single, Double, King and Super King. Skirt depth approx. 43cms.

Bespoke fabrics and sizes are available for the contract market.




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