Versital and Rhubarb collaborate

Versital is proud to announce that their recently released metal banded faux marble table tops and bar tops have been selected to compliment the latest project by a premium hospitality group – rhubarb.

The restaurant located is in one of London’s most iconic buildings of the sixties, The Centre Point. The new restaurant has an interesting and modern ambience inspired by the sixties as a tribute to the designer George Marsh and the building itself.

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The large 16,000 square feet venue features two spectacular galleries overlooking New Oxford Street and new public plaza. Designers wanted to divide the space in order to create a distinctive dining experiences in each of them.

The restaurant uses a range of complimenting features to create an ambience sympathetic with the design of the iconic London development. The designers made use of reflective surfaces and metal accents, including the table tops from Versital. They also incorporated the incredible chandelier from Danish designer Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt to create a real statement.

Design Insider Versital VIVI restaurant Bar

“We are very proud to have been selected to create this stunning design with the premium hospitality design practice rhubarb. We have been following their work for some time and have found their projects to be absolutely breath-taking. We believe that Vivi is an astonishing project that will really add to the iconic London development and we are delighted to be a part of it.” – Gemma Stockberger, Sales and Marketing Director at Versital.

Versital’s metal banded ‘Arabesque’ tops found their place in the more feminine part of the restaurant due to their subtle finish, while the ‘Norvein’ marble finish compliments the masculine northern gallery. Both galleries are brought together in the main dining area inspired by a sixties dance hall with a glamorous bar at one end and walnut and rose-coloured mirrored feature wall at the other end.

Design Insider Versital VIVI restaurant Tabletop black

“We are delighted to be developing another distinctive new food and drink concept in what is one of the London’s most iconic buildings. We have every confidence that VIVI will reflect the creativity, style and precision synonymous with the rhubarb brand.” – PB Jacobse, Managing Director at rhubarb.

Rhubarb has a portfolio of well-recognised restaurants in London including Sky Garden, CODA by Eric Chavot and Verdi Italian Kitchen at the Royal Albert Hall.

Design Insider Versital VIVI restaurant Tabletop seating

Versital provides an exceptional solution for projects like Vivi where the areas are likely to undergo heavy usage. Due to the properties of the material, Versital can offer a true to life cultured marble that is 100% stain proof – ideal for tables and bars, which can be a problem with the real material. Versitals’ extensive range of colours offers freedom of design being fully handmade and bespoke to each projects requirement.

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