What does your desk say about you? David Fox

In this series we will enjoy a glimpse of the working environments of designers, architects and directors and discover what can we learn from how they work and the objects they work alongside.

In our first post UK designer David Fox shows us his working space and highlights 3 objects.


 “You see that on my desk are many samples and Prototypes of new and upcoming launches: Panaz/Knightsbridge/Connection.   I would be lying if I said I was a tidy person, honesty is always the best policy!!”


“However my three objects of choice are: My Glasses  for clarity of creative vision, Acidophilus tablets as I have been travelling a lot on business to exotic locations and they help settle the stomach. And finally an early sketch for a brand new product we will be launching with Knightsbridge at Clerkenwell Design Week.”

Knightsbridge Furniture will be showcasing their Bebop Collaborative Range, referenced by David above, comprising a new modular seating and table system with coordinating swivel tub chairs and coffee tables at Project during Clerkenwell Design Week.

Visit David Fox Designs website to learn more here


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