In this series we will enjoy a glimpse of the working environments of designers, architects and directors and discover what can we learn from how they work and the objects they work alongside.

In our sixth post BroomeJenkins’ Senior Designer Julian Evans shows us his workspace and gives an insight into his design methods.


‘Object 1. Sketchbook:My sketchpad commands a permanent place between myself and my keyboard. It’s always open. I’ve gotten through tonnes of these since I began at BroomeJenkins. The results of my scribbling aren’t always pretty but for me its an essential tool for moving ideas forward quickly.

Object 2. 3D prints: We’ve been able to 3D print parts, in-house, for a while now. It allows us to quickly test aesthetics, mechanisms and ergonomics. Being able to physically assess multiple iterations of a design in a short period of time is invaluable.

Object 3. Post it notes: I get through post it notes at a rate of knots. Each one represents some kind of list. There’s probably a lot of repetition between each note but the act of writing a list on them is somehow cathartic. I also use my phone for making lists which is tidier but not the same.’

The BroomeJenkins team have been progressing four major design projects and will imminently launch their new website, in the mean time you can follow their news on Instagram here.  

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