BCFA Letter to PM

BCFA Managing Director,  Colin Watson, has written to the Prime Minister to express concerns about the recent unexpected news of a potential reduction of vital funding to support and encourage companies to export.

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BCFA have helped nearly 200 companies enter overseas markets with £560,000 of UKTI Tradeshow Access Programme grant funding over the last two years. The progress made in encouraging business to export must not be lost due to some short term actions.

Most SME businesses regard Tradeshow Access Programme grants as fundamental to their export success and the single most beneficial Government policy for industry. The scheme is essential not only for the companies themselves but also for the wider UK economy, as the figures show that for every £1 the government invests in TAP, a minimum of £35 comes back to the country in taxable income.

Whether you use TAP, have used it or plan to do so in future, we hope that you will decide to write to your MP to make your thoughts on the matter known. The more letters MPs receive around the country, the more likely it is that something may be done to rectify the situation.

We will keep you up to date with developments as soon as any further information is received.

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