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Dip your toe in the Russian Market

The BCFA held a free seminar last week at Milliken’s Clerkenwell showroom focusing on the topic of exporting to Russia… Guest speaker Natasha Kimberley, Director of Kimberley Expertise covered topics including general information about the Russian market and the best ways for businesses to approach the Russian market as well as some top tips.Russia facts &… Read More >

12 March 2018

Turning the page on paper

Some 2000 years ago a material discovery was made. Paper was invented in China, with the earliest examples dating back as far as circa 180BC. Perhaps inspired by a similar material that was derived from the pressed and dried pith of papyrus plants, where its name actually stems from, paper is in fact made of… Read More >

1 March 2018

3 Artists & their paper creations

This month we are focusing on the material of Paper. Paper is a material that has been used for centuries and we all often use it every day. From large Paper sculptures to delicate paper cut-outs, we take a look at the different ways it is being used in Art by chatting with 3 different… Read More >

28 February 2018

Retirement Living in the 21st Century

The number of over 65s in the UK is forecasted to rise by 22% by 2025 to 14.3 million people. This translates into one in five of the total population being over 65, which will become one in four by 2050. We caught up with JLL, a financial and professional services provider specialising in commercial… Read More >

6 December 2017

Hospitality on the move…

The definition of hospitality is a warm, generous treatment of visitors, guests or strangers. So, when specifying or buying with transport environments in mind we shouldn’t forget what we set out to do with any interior space – Make the person using the area feel comfortable, relaxed and welcome. Global textile innovator, Camira has recently… Read More >

30 November 2017