Q&A With Mike Read, Maine

Mike Read formed MKP over 30 years ago, building the company from scratch to become the well respected and multi award- winning, engineering company it is today. Design has always been a driving force, even before MKP was formed he had a drawing board at home, designing in the evening and making tools during the… Read More >

18 November 2015

Q&A with Mark Barrell, Boss Design

Mark Barrell is Design Director at Boss Design Group. An industrial designer, he has specialised in the development of work seating over the last decade and developed products that sell across the globe.

11 November 2015

Q&A with Suzanne Edwards, Newmor

Last week we sat down with Alys Bryan to discuss through the standards and regulations within the contract fabric industry, this week our focus moves to wallcoverings and who better to talk about this industry experts – Newmor. Suzanne Edwards, Design Manger at Newmor has had plenty of experience when it comes to wallcoverings, in the… Read More >

6 November 2015

Q&A with Steffi Backhouse, GA Design – Student Clinics

Back in June and July the BCFA held the ‘New Designers Student Clinics’ in which advisers from all over the contract design industry came and talked to the students exhibiting at the event, hoping to assist them in the transition from pleasing universities tutors to pleasing industry professionals. We spoke to Steffi Backhouse who assisted… Read More >

3 September 2015

Henry Gurney – Hidden Treasure

Hidden genius within ranks Yesterday the BCFA had a members business forum event in which the last speaker Alistair Gough (Managing Director of OCee Design) told  an amazing story of hidden genius within his ranks. Henry Gurney the creator behind the HenRay collection at OCee, graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Industrial Design. He… Read More >

1 May 2014

Molly Hatch – Physic Garden

This is a piece of artwork we recently stumbled upon and thought we defiantly have to share this, art within the workplace is becoming hot topic at the moment, offices and other workplaces are changing and artwork is becoming more and more common, more than just to brighten up the place – art can inspire.

28 April 2014

Destroying Lighting Myths

ROBERT CHELSOM TALKS THROUGH SOME OLD LIGHTING MYTHS    Q? Why are people negative about compact fluorescent lamps? A In my opinion it is almost as though compact fluorescent lamps came out 20 years too early in terms of development. What I mean is, there were certain facets of compact fluorescent lamps which didn’t do… Read More >

23 January 2014