KI’s New SIT-STAND Collection

The provision of sit-stand workstations across the UK is rapidly becoming common practice as the dangers associated with ‘oversitting’ become common knowledge. While sit/stand puns are quickly exhausted, organisations continue to redefine their workplace strategies, prioritising worker wellbeing alongside cost efficiency in order to create happier, healthier, high performing office environments.


The latest evolution of KI’s Work2 workstation range allows organisations to introduce the benefits of powered sit-stand workstations in a selective, cost-effective and practical way. Back-to-back workstations can be initially specified at fixed height, sit-stand, or a blend of the two, offering the flexibility to accommodate any future reconfigurations. Changes can be made quickly and easily, one position at a time with minimal disruption to neighbouring positions. This flexibility gives companies the opportunity to not just spread the cost of this investment over time, it also allows thorough analysis of employee adoption of this new working style.


Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Work2 sit-stand range features the latest technology in powered sit-stand actuator design with a built in obstruction sensor safety mechanism. It is available as a back-to-back, linked bench or single desk, making it suitable for multiple applications including open plan, executive suites and small meeting rooms. Its complete design cohesion with KI’s portfolio of screens, storage and third space systems, as well as Work2 cantilever benches, helps create a functional and aesthetically harmonious office landscape.



Work2 actuator replacement

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