Milliken Collaboration Wins 2 Awards at NeoCon

Milliken’s collaboration with jewellery designer rewarded with 2 awards at NeoCon

Milliken’s latest collection from its USA design studio, Dissemblage was awarded a coveted Silver Best of NeoCon in the Broadloom Carpet category in Chicago on 9th June 2014. Created primarily for the Americas market by jewellery designer, Cresta Bledsoe, Dissemblage gives the optical illusion of an interactive floor plane that unveils bold geometric patterns as viewers move throughout a space. The unexpected unfolds with tailored woven ribs that veil precise geometries and bold super graphics. Pattern is revealed as people move around the interactive woven metallic design, which reads as a solid ground except in the area in which you stand. DVDP_Milliken2014_002 (1024x743) And another NeoCon launch State-side, the Lume e Lustro collection, received a HiP Award for Design Solution Underfoot, an inaugural NeoCon awards program organised by Interior Design magazine. Lume e Lustro presents a tactile dimensional world with a 2-D and 3-D juxtaposition that explores rich texture and flat graphics. Designed by Cresta Bledsoe in collaboration with Dr. Scott Parry, Milliken’s in-house print research scientist, an optical mise-en-scène is created through a surface play of reflected light – revealing volume and revealing texture. Lume Cube in color 183 (1024x680) Alison Kitchingman, Director of Marketing & Design at Milliken commented “Receiving both these awards is a great honour for our US design team. It’s really gratifying when bold and daring designs are acknowledged and singled-out in this way. The input of jewellery designer Cresta Bledsoe brings a whole new dimension and results in some truly inspired collections.”


All Images © Milliken 2014


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