Milliken’s Fractals

Workplace well-being is at the core of Milliken’s design philosophy and directly informs their latest carpet plank collection: Fractals.

Created by Milliken’s in-house designer Manisha Selhi using a harmonious palette of natural background colours paired with ethereal colour washes with the express intention of facilitating a calm and mindful environment.

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Design Insider Milliken ENTANGLE_AND_ENLACE-FROST-MINT_WASH-DETAIL-PRINT (533x800) product

The biophilic patterns mimic forms found in nature and create an air of tranquillity and serenity; a place for meditation. The Fractals collection is guided by the requirements of the Well Building Standard and designed to address the floorcovering needs of the dramatically changing corporate workplace, where employee well-being is now the priority.

Like formations found in nature, such as the snowflake and the veins that run through leaves, the biophillic design of Fractals is a never ending pattern, infinitely complex, yet giving the appearance of simplicity. Imperfections are embraced as they take on a new form of abstraction and identity. The patterns replicate the way natural elements become fractured and fragmented over time.


The carpet planks have a rich, plush texture featuring high lustre yarns in fascinating and complex constructions, combined with the complex interplay of Millitron® digital patterning. There are two designs in the collection: ‘Enlace’ and ‘Entangle’ and six different colour washes that can be applied individually or combined together.

Fractals is also designed to coordinate with other Milliken collections enabling different areas to be defined and accentuated for wayfinding, zoning or to create artistic effects. The planks measuring 25 by 100cm add a further dimension to the floor plane offering more scope and creative possibilities to designers.


Fractals carpet planks come with Comfort Plus premium cushion backing for superior acoustic performance and luxurious underfoot comfort. They absorb 50% more noise than hardback carpet, which in turn absorb three times as much noise as hard surface flooring.

High noise levels have been shown to increase stress levels, which in turn can have a big impact on workers’ overall health and wellness. Milliken carpet tiles also have significant ergonomic benefits with a 24% reduction in muscle strain under foot compared to hardback carpet.


Fractals carpet planks are made with 40% Econyl® recycled nylon and their cushion backing has 90% recycled content. Fractals carpet planks have 63% recycled content by total product weight including up to 5% post-consumer content. Manufactured in an ISO14001 certified location using renewable sources GuT & CRI Green Label Plus certified for indoor air quality EPD verified BRE certified.

They come with a 15 year wear guarantee, Lifetime Antistatic guarantee and Latent Defects guarantee. To further reduce its environmental impact, Fractals can be supplied with TractionBack® for adhesive free installation, improving indoor air quality and reducing materials’ usage.

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