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What does Creativity mean to you?

To celebrate the BCFA Open Spring Design theme of Creativity we asked our members about creativity and what it means to them.  Curiosity, exploration, expression, imagination and inspiration are all words that appeared in the answers.  Creativity for some is instinctive, deep rooted and sometimes even subconscious whilst for others it is more practical and… Read More >

1 March 2017

Creativity Reviewed Seminar #BCFAOPEN

With the BCFA OPEN ‘Spring Design’ exhibition just 2 months away, we thought it would be a great time to announce the line up for our Creativity Reviewed Seminar. On Tuesday the 28th March we kick off our discussion on creativity with a powerful speech from our Key note speaker Wayne Hemingway.  Wayne will discuss how creativity and… Read More >

15 February 2017

Lara Marrero: Creativity Reviewed Seminar #BCFAOpen

Our Creativity Reviewed Seminar will take place at  BCFA Open Spring Design on Tuesday the 28th March at 4:30pm, London – The Old Truman Brewery.  Register for this event here.  Our carefully selected panel of industry leaders will include Lara Marrero, Strategy Director and Retail Practice Leader at Gensler.  With an education that spans psychology, advertising,… Read More >

15 February 2017