What does Creativity mean to you?

To celebrate the BCFA Open Spring Design theme of Creativity we asked our members about creativity and what it means to them.  Curiosity, exploration, expression, imagination and inspiration are all words that appeared in the answers. 

Creativity for some is instinctive, deep rooted and sometimes even subconscious whilst for others it is more practical and deliberate.  We hope that you enjoy their answers!

Trevira: “The creativity of Trevira CS is evident in the vast variety of materials available. This year’s Trevira Cs Fabric Creativity Competitions was devoted to the various aspects of mobility, a theme that for some years now has been a megatrend in society and is being driven further today by growing globalisation. In many respects mobility forms the basis of our lives and economic activity.”

Many of our members agreed that creativity is a process that leads to an innovative design.Creativity-Quotes-1

The Head of Design at Zoffany, Peter Gomez: “Creativity underlies everything I do, it’s being constantly inspired by the world around us, collaborating and mixing ideas to create something new, unique and exciting.”

Laura Graham, ‎CAD Artworker/Designer at Muraspec: ‘Creativity is the process of imagining something and finding a way to bring it to life’

For others, creativity is a true form of expression;

Nicola Searing, Muraspec: “Creativity to me is being able to express ideas you have within yourself.’


Amy Foster Broadbent from Edmund Bell: “Imagination is important in the world of creativity: be open, be inspired and be curious. Creativity is a fundamental mode of expression and a great motivator.”

Exploration was another theme that our members agreed on;Creativity-Quotes-2

Hayley Barrett, Designer at Camira“Creativity to me is a way of thinking. An innate curiosity, questioning, exploring every possibility and then having the ability to channel this inspiration into something tangible, be it design, music, writing, cooking.”

Dan Savage, Mural/ Wallcoverings Designer at Tektura“To me, creativity is to open up thoughts and possibilities allowing the mind to freely explore. It is only through the process of creativity that we find new approaches and solutions.”

The ability to connect to the audience was important too;

Kenny Sum, Director at Kinnersley Ken Design: “Creativity is coming up with inspiring ideas, and often looking at things from different angles whilst ensuring you’re connecting with your audience. They shouldn’t need to have a Mensa-qualifying IQ to understand it. When it comes to design, it’s the simple things that make the biggest difference. Don’t overthink it.”

James Bassant, Design Director and Co-Founder at Astro Lighting: “To me, creativity means striving to create new objects that I find pleasing, and hoping that others will find the same emotional connection.”

And sometimes creativity isn’t what you might expect:Creativity-Quotes-3

What does creativity mean to you? Tell us in the comments below of here on twitter.


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