Who’s the boss of workplace branding? Boss Design!

Workplace branding was a key consideration for Boss Design when approached to supply a range of furniture, seating, and meeting solutions for the refurbishment of the six-floor offices of Arthur J Gallagher in Lombard Street, London – one of the world’s largest insurance brokerage and risk management companies.1resizeThe challenge facing Arthur J Gallagher’s in-house design team was to create a distinctive branded interior to represent two non-AJG brands, Alesco and Pen Underwriting; both based at the Lombard Street address. Given its expertise in office furniture solutions, and having already been specified throughout other AJG locations in the UK, Boss Design was the obvious choice to fit-out the building with furniture and seating, and to complement the branding themes.

Across four floors of the building that are home to the non-AJG brands, a fusion of colour, materials and furniture was introduced to reflect the individual schemes – purple for Pen Underwriting and orange for Alesco. To harmonise with these themes, Boss Design introduced pieces such as Kruze low-back lounge chairs complete with a veneered outer back and bold punches of coloured fabric. These echo the colours used through signage and feature walls.2resizeEach separate identity is then carried throughout two other shared floors where once again, Boss Design’s furniture helps create synergy and reinforces a sense of community within the building. A circular Vista pod system by Boss Design is installed on the lower ground floor – perfect for private meetings amongst employees and visitors of both companies.

Meanwhile, one floor of the building is home to a workplace café with Boss Design’s stylish yet practical Reef tables and Starr chairs, whilst Fairfax – Boss Design’s low-back contemporary seating system that is designed to envelop visitors in comfort and luxury – takes pride of place in the central reception area.3resizeCommenting on the specification, a spokesperson for Arthur J Gallagher said:

“Today, branding schemes are all about creating a memorable, inspiring, and immersive experience. We believe that the furniture is one of the most tactile elements of an environment, and gives some of the strongest but subtlest indicators of quality and substance through contact and visual clues. Therefore, the choice of materials such as the use of leather, fabrics, veneers, and Aluminium was an important part of the overall furniture design. It not only makes a statement of quality which speaks about the company and people using the space, it helps reinforce our branding ethos.”

Brian Murray, Managing Director at Boss Design said:

“When executed appropriately, office furniture plays a key role in the branding process. By working closely with Arthur J Gallagher’s in-house design team, we have been able to provide the perfect mix of furniture and seating to suit both brands.”  



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