Lasvit has a Spring in it’s step!

Nestled within the picturesque surroundings of the Black Forest lies the Öschberghof resort. Set in the remote yet easily accessible location surrounded by vast green expanses, and far away from the city’s hustle and bustle, Öschberghof rejuvenates the weary professional like a fountain of life, and LASVIT has created an especially delicate and elegant installation that compliments the atmosphere of this quiet haven.

Design Insider Lasvit Spring Hall

“A big focus of the design was to integrate nature and provide ample space for the weary guest to take a deep breath. The surrounding green and bramble can be seen through the wide front windows, offering a type of stage. The guest is invited to dive right into it.” – JOI.

The Öschberghof resort and golf course also offers a large spa area, emphasizing relaxation and peace of mind, and the Czech design and glassmaking company LASVIT has adorned the hotel’s lobby with a thematic installation made from glass bubbles, tastefully scattered upon the ceiling.

The installation is called “Spring,” and is inspired by the resort’s closest surroundings, referring to the blooming spirit of the nearby meadows, as well as to the Danube river which springs nearby.

Design Insider Lasvit Spring Ceiling

“My intention was to integrate nature into the installation’s design. The components are organically shaped. Their irregular curves are reminders of the meticulous hand work of the glassblowers. Freedom in form refers to the water and its boisterous potential in traversing the countryside.” – Artist Petra Krausová.

The Öschberghof resort was founded in 1976, and has recently been completely renovated. The LASVIT installation is one of the final touches to the interior that converges with the design aim of the German interior design company ‘JOI design’ who hail from Hamburg.

Design Insider Lasvit Spring Glass

“I worked with clear crystal glass with finishes of crackled, sandblasted and platinum painting. The finishes give the overall design a nice, soft colour feel,” – Artist Petra Krausová.

A surface of 216 square meters is covered with more than 120 glass components. Each of the bubbles has its own light source which gives the entire space a sparkling cast. 

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