Roman Stars of New Show

Roman, International market leading shower designer and manufacturer, have supplied the brand new TV series, Bad Builders: Bang to Rights with one of their wetroom solutions.

Bad Builders Team with the Family

Bad Builders: Bang to Rights is a brand new three part programme that strives to help people whose lives have been turned upside down by unreliable contractors, who subsequently left their home in ruins. Dominic Littlewood is the man who seeks out the dodgy workmen, quizzes them about the dreadful work they have done and he then helps to fix the destroyed homes. This feel good programme helps the families to get their homes finished, with the help of builder Chris Payne and designer Pippa Jameson giving the home a makeover.

Roman helped a family in Wiltshire who trusted the wrong builder and were left with an unfinished and dangerous extension to their home for seven years. The single parent with a disabled son moved in with her sister as she couldn’t care for her son by herself, as Josh is severely disabled; suffering from epilepsy and has learning difficulties. The extension was to provide a bedroom and wetroom on the ground floor for Josh, as going up and down the stairs could be very dangerous when he suffers from epilepsy. Having to go up and down the stairs to his bedroom and to use the bathroom meant that Josh had to be assisted 24/7. The extension was an easy build and should have only taken 12 weeks to complete but the builder left the extension unfinished and in a hazardous leaking mess. As the family had spent all their money on the extension they couldn’t afford to employ another builder and had to live with the dangerous eyesore for seven long years.

Bad Builders: Bang to Rights TV show came to change their lives for good and finished the extension that they so desperately needed and deserved. They built a bedroom in the extension for Josh and installed a wetroom using one of Roman’s Wetroom Panels to make the shower easily accessible. Roman offers a large collection of Wetroom Panels which present complete inclusivity for the whole family, it means no doors to open and no handles to pull, just wide and easy access into the showering area.

David Osborne, Managing Director of Roman, commented: “This is another great TV show that we are extremely proud to be involved in and we will continue to donate product to the families in up and coming series of the programme where needed. By supplying our Wetroom Panel, Josh now has wide and easy access into his shower, no longer has to negotiate the stairs and doesn’t have to be assisted 24 hours a day.”


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