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“Innovation: the action or process of innovating, this could be through a new method, idea or product.” To be successful in today’s fast moving world innovation is the key. Here we profile a selection of products that are truly breaking the boundaries. Camira Fabrics Camira’s experience in developing its acclaimed Sting fabric  has led to… Read More >

21 April 2016

New designs from Newmor wallcoverings

Burnished tiles and tactile tweeds Newmor Wallcoverings today launch two new designs which add raw tiled textures and intricate herringbone weaves to their collection of commercial quality fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings. Sorrento: Sorrento is a burnished tile effect available in 19 lustrous metallic and buffed matte tones. The deeply embossed surface catches the light, and metallic… Read More >

6 April 2016

Q&A with Blacksheep

Blacksheep is an independent, international and award winning design agency. Over the past twelve years they have developed an expert practice within the hospitality industry, collaborating with a broad range of clients to create iconic and remarkable projects. DI sat down with the Blacksheep team to discuss through the expectations of the end user have… Read More >

24 March 2016

The Hospitality Transition

“Transition” is the current buzz word in commercial interiors, the way space is designed and consumed is being influenced by the transformation in the way we work, travel and relax. Design Insider take a closer look at “transitional spaces” and the factors influencing this shift. In architectural terms “transitional spaces” are defined as spaces located… Read More >

16 March 2016

A library with no bookcases

Modern study with a hotel lobby/Internet café vibe Like the communal areas of any hotel, office environments are becoming more transitional in nature with the growth of mobile working. Gresham has been creating made-to-order furniture for office and commercial environments for 40 years. It’s witnessed many trends through the decades and while mobile working has… Read More >

15 March 2016

Trendboard 2016- Soft

Today’s Trendboard is the final in the collection throughout this month. This Trendboard focuses on Soft Fabric collections and patterns from BCFA members.   THE ISLE MILL The Rosslyn Park collection is the latest stock held collection from The Isle Mill. It is a selection of wool jacquards, plaids, piece dyed dobby weaves and slub… Read More >

25 February 2016